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Our Clients
Our Clients


We assist individuals or families with internationally diversified assets, providing them with the certainty of implementing efficient tools for asset protection, estate planning and maximizing their investments.


Our team of professionals have vast experience in assisting banks, insurance companies, asset managers, investment funds, stock exchanges, trading platforms and institutional services.


Our private equity and venture capital clients operate in a market where there is increasing competition for mandates and constant pressure to maximize investor returns. Our group recognizes the importance of providing high quality assistance, which includes timely, practical, fast and, where appropriate, innovative solutions to minimize risk, maximize efficiency and provide a competitive advantage to our clients.


Our group of professionals has the capacity to adapt strategies and alternatives in a wide range of industries and sectors according to our clients´ requirements, such as:

Telecommunications, media and Technology. Telecommunications, satellite, broadcasting, film, music, publishing, advertising, computers, electronics, software and IT services.

Cosumer Products and Retail. Food and beverages, personal and household products, retail, clothing and footwear accessories, furniture, luxury items and wines.

Holidays and Entertainment. Holidays, leisure and fitness, hotels, pubs and sports.

Pharmaceuticals, Medical Products and Healthcare. Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare providers and purchasers.

Oil, Gas, Chemicals and Intermediaries, Derivatives and Products. Oil, gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, industrial gases, polymers and plastics, paints, inks and dyes, agrichemicals, adhesives, sealants and solvents.

Manufacturing and Service Industries. Conglomerates, trading houses, other manufacturers, forestry, paper and packaging, business support services and professional services.