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Our Services
Our Services
We incorporate, domicile and manage companies, trusts and foundations in different jurisdictions according to the client’s global plan designed by their advisors. We work closely with local notaries, lawyers and accountants to ensure that the entity in question is fully and consistently compliant with local regulations.

Domicile and Director Services. Once the entity is set up, we may continue to provide domicile and corporate director services in accordance with applicable regulations. In the planning prepared by the client’s advisors, it is necessary to take into consideration several factors offering the alternative to provide corporate directors or other services associated with the implementation of strategies for the establishment of these structures, fully complying with the relevant regulations in the jurisdictions involved.

Business Support Services. We provide administrative support in different jurisdictions by developing action plans that offer corporate solutions that meet the client’s local needs. We adapt to the different realities and needs of each company or project and implement a service tailored to each client’s needs, a condition to achieve excellence.

Compliance Services. By working with high regulatory standards we can assist you in complying with applicable local and international regulations, including FATCA, Common Reporting Standards (CRS) and other necessary requirements that apply to the selected jurisdiction. An example of this is the classification of entities under FATCA guidelines; the preparation and filing of bank forms according to regulatory requirements, etc. In addition, we have extensive experience in the process “Know Your Client” (KYC) for identifying clients following the internationally recommended guidelines. We are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive view of the people with whom they maintain business and professional relationships, ensuring that this identification and validation process is efficient and adequate to achieve the peace of mind of knowing who they are working with.

Custody of Documents. Safeguarding of information is of vital importance, we have a highly qualified backoffice system that provides support and administrative services, allowing all family or legal documentation in custody to be organized and up to date. We have a modern and efficient information system that meets a series of requirements that ensures protection, storage and security of information.

Assistance in opening bank accounts. Although we do not provide financial advice or manage assets, we can assist our clients in opening and operating bank accounts with the financial institutions of their choice.
We assist our clients with additional services required such as notarizations, apostille, translations, legalizations and certifications of public and private documents, generally in response to the need to file such documents in another jurisdiction or country.
Thanks to our extensive network of professionals, we offer bookkeeping accounting, reporting and preparation of financial statements that comply with local and international regulations. These services include: – Annual or monthly accounting – Preparation and analysis of Financial Statements – Financial projections – Filing taxes with the relevant authorities in each jurisdiction – Budgeting – Liaison with local external auditors and organization of the audited Financial Statements – Assistance with financial audit and internal control.
We specialize in providing asset protection structures, which provide our clients with the certainty and efficiency in estate planning designed by their advisor, and the safeguarding of their assets through the understanding of their needs, respecting confidentiality and compliance with the relevant regulations of each jurisdiction. We also manage legal structures for an orderly and reliable transfer of assets to future generations. We implement customized solutions (designed by the client’s advisors) to help manage our clients’ wealth according to their wishes in the most efficient way. So-called “forced heirship” rules are found in different forms all over the world, including countries in continental Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. We help to ensure that your international assets are maintained under appropriate guidelines and can be transferred in a safe and orderly manner to the intended beneficiaries, ensuring the fulfillment of the wishes established by the owner. We have extensive experience in providing customized alternatives that will be appropriate to our client’s needs.

Trusts. A trust is a contract whereby assets are assigned under management to a trustee and are delivered or distributed within a certain period and/or upon compliance with certain specific conditions set out in such written agreement. We provide services for the implementation and administration of trusts in different Anglo-Saxon countries, integrating this useful tool into estate planning. Clients must involve their legal advisors in the structuring and implementation of these asset planning solutions.

Limited Liability Companies. We incorporate and manage companies to limit our clients’ exposure to liabilities arising from foreign investments minimizing their implementation costs.

Foundations. A Private Interest Foundation is an entity that has legal personality. This quality distinguishes it from the most trusts, being another great worldwide alternative for asset protection and estate planning. We can provide assistance in this area, responding to the needs of our clients to achieve an orderly transfer of their assets through this instrument, clearly establishing the wishes and guidelines to be followed in the bylaws and in the formation instrument. The founder defines the tasks and purposes of the Foundation and any legal clause that may be deemed necessary.
We provide assistance to Family Offices of family groups with specific needs related to the protection, transfer and preservation of their estate over several generations, being a fundamental instrument to anticipate and even avoid contingencies that may be associated with future conflicts. Our team of professionals offers customized assistance with the purpose of understanding the needs and objectives of each family. It offers a comprehensive and global service, so that, in addition to fulfilling the wishes of each family, the process is aligned with the compliance of the relevant regulations.
Throughout our history we have managed to develop close professional relationships with notaries, law firms, consultants, independent professionals, accountants, lawyers, legal and financial advisors who provide their services. We can make available to our clients this strong global network of trusted professionals who will assist you with a focused approach to your needs.
We can manage structures with support in new technologies, We have a group of professionals who will assist you in understanding blockchain based technologies. We can introduce our clients to private banking services in cryptocurrency and maintain their assets based on these technologies.